# Create & edit events

Events are similar to classes, but they are not designed to be displayed in schedules. They should be promoted as landing pages.

To create a new event, you should click on the events menu element and then on the large New event button. If the event is already created, hover the mouse over the name of the event in the list and then click on Edit, in the rightmost column. This will open the event creation / edit screen, with the following options:

New events

# Draft / Published

Use this switcher to set your event as a Draft or as Published. After you choose the desired option, the Save as Draft / Save event button on the right will change accordingly.

Draft & Published events

A draft event will not be displayed in the frontend, but you can choose to publish it at any time.

# Event name

Use the What's the name of this event? field to type in the name of the event. This will be displayed as the title of the event page. Below the title field, you will see the permalink of the event. Please note, the permalink has to be unique. So, you should change it, if you have several events with the same name.

# Event room

Click on the box with the name of the room where this event takes place. If the room is not displayed, you should go at Settings > Locations and edit the location to create it. Click here to learn how to create a room.

# Event dates

When does the event take place calendar

Use the calendar under When does this event take place? to choose the days when this event is available. You can click on the box for any day and also navigate from month to month. When you click on an empty day box, you will open the Edit event Time window.

Add time interval

Here, you need to click on Add new time interval, to choose the starting and ending time of the event. An event can have multiple time intervals, that can not overlap. After choosing one or several time intervals, you can apply them to that particular day (ex: Apply only to March 8) or to all similar days of the week (ex: Apply to all Fridays). You can also block the date. If you need different increments when setting the starting and ending time, click on the stopwatch icon, in the top left corner. Available increments are: 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins and 30 mins.

You can also use Seasons, to set up everything faster. Click here to learn how to set up Seasons for a location.

# Age range

Use the What's the age range for this event? slider to choose the age range for the event. Please note that students outside this range will not be able to sign up for the event. If you want to create an adults only event, you need to move both slider dots to Adults.

# Choose instructor

Click on the boxes with the names of the instructors of the event. If the instructor is not displayed, you should go at Settings > Instructors and create it. Click here to learn how to create an instructor.

# Drop-in

Use the What is the drop-in capacity for this event? slider to choose how many spots are available for trial in the event. You can also use the and + buttons or just type in the number.

# How much do you want to charge to drop into this event?

Use this slider to choose the price for a trial spot in the event. You can also type in the price or choose 0, for the spot to be free.

# Event Image

Choose event image

Click on the Choose image button to upload an image for the event. It will be resized automatically, to look good on various screen sizes. If the event already has an image assigned, you can change it or remove it.

Choose event image library

If you want to assign an image already uploaded, click on the From library button. This will display a list with all the images in your library.

# Event description

Use the Write a short description for this event text box to type in the excerpt for the event. It will be displayed in landing pages and social media posts. It should have less than 60 words.

# Write a long description for this event

event long description

Use this text editor box to add a detailed description for the event. This will be displayed only on landing pages. For this content area, you need to use Markdown rules. Click here for a guide about how you can write in Markdown.

# Text customization

If you want to change labels or messages displayed in the event page, you can use the Text customization option. Click on the Change button and then Add New to see a list of strings you can replace. Once you select a string from the list, a text field will be displayed and you will be able to add a new string to replace it. The new value will be displayed in the event text customization list, under the Custom column.

# Marketing tools & assets

event marketing tools

At the bottom of the event creation / edit screen, you can click on the Marketing Tools & Assets button, to reveal several social media and marketing options:

# Share your event

You can see your event URL displayed here. The Copy URL button will save the event link to the clipboard. Below, you can find social media share buttons, for Facebook and Twitter.

# Redirect after booking

If you want clients to be redirected to a particular URL after booking the event, you should add the URL in this field. Leave the field empty for no redirect.

# Event Drip.com tags

Add new Drip rule

If you want to assign Drip tags to the event, you should click on the + Add new rule button. After creating a rule, you can edit it or delete it. The Add Drip Rule window has the following options:

# What should trigger this rule?

Use this select box to choose when the rule will be applied. There are two available options: when the client books a spot for the event or when a client cancels their booking for the event.

# What action should be performed?

Use this select box to choose the rule which will be applied. There are two available options: to add Drip tags or to remove them.

# What tag(s) should be applied/removed?

Use this text box to add the Drip tags you want to assign to the event, separated by commas.

# Rule Status

Use this switcher to activate or deactivate the rule. If you don't want the rule anymore, you should click on the Delete Rule red button, to permanently remove it.

Last Updated: 2/6/2020, 2:32:50 PM