# Events list

To display the list of all your available events, you should click on the events menu element.

events list

The events table will display info on several columns: Event Name, Students Age, Instructors and Status. If you hover the mouse over the rightmost column, the Edit, Duplicate and Delete event buttons will be displayed. Clicking on Duplicate will open a confirmation message. To create a copy of the event, click the OK button.

If you are looking for particular events, you can use the Search field at the top or the filters right above the list. You can search by event Name or Description.

There are 2 filters which allow multiple selections: Room and Instructors.

events list filters

The Student Age filter allows displaying only Adults events or events for students within an age range (1-18 years old). You can use the Status filter to display only Published events or only Drafts.

If you want to clear the filters selection, you can use the rightmost button, next to the filters.

Last Updated: 2/6/2020, 2:39:11 PM