# Create & edit magnets

To create a new magnet, you should click on the Magnets menu element and then on the large New Magnet button. If the magnet is already created, hover the mouse over the name of the magnet in the list and then click on Edit, in the rightmost column. This will open the magnet creation / edit screen, with the following options:

New magnets

# Draft / Published

Use this switcher to set your magnet as a Draft or as Published. After you choose the desired option, the Save as Draft / Save magnet button on the right will change accordingly.

Draft & Published magnets

A draft magnet will not be displayed in the frontend, but you can choose to publish it at any time.

# Magnet name

Use the Give your magnet a name field to type in the name of the magnet. Below the title field, you will see the permalink of the landing page. Please note, the permalink has to be unique. So, you should change it, if you have several magnets with the same name.

# Landing page content

Magnet content

Use the Edit content for your landing page text box to add all the content of your magnet landing page. For this content area, you need to use Markdown rules. Click here for a guide about how you can write in Markdown.

# Call to action button

Use the Call to action text & color option to choose the label and the color of the landing page button. This action button can be displayed in the landing page content with [call-to-action].

# Background Image

Choose magnet image

Click on the Choose image button to upload an image for the magnet. It will be used as the background image of the landing page. If the magnet already has an image assigned, you can change it or remove it.

Choose magnet image library

If you want to assign an image already uploaded, click on the From library button. This will display a list with all the images in your library.

# Short description

Use the Write a short description for this magnet text box to type in the excerpt for the magnet. It will be used for social media and SEO purposes. It should have less than 60 words.

# Form Fields Customization

Use these form fields switches to choose the info you wish to collect in the opt-in form. Besides the mandatory Email address, you can collect First name, Last name and Phone number. Also, you can activate Collect child info, to add a form with Child first name & birthdate fields. The form will allow adding additional children.

# Actions

There are 3 available actions you can activate for the magnet: Start Nurture Campaign, Send Email and Trigger Webhook. The nurture campaign is a series of emails you can set up in the Automations tab. Send email will allow you to set up an email which will be sent with the PDF download. Trigger Webhook will allow you to add webhooks.

# Webhooks

If you activate the Trigger Webhook action, you can use this option to Add Webhooks, in a new window with the URL field. With the Status option, you can enable or disable the webhook.

# Email

Magnet Email

If you activate the Send Email action, you can use the From name, Subject and Body fields to set up the email with the PDF download. In the From name field, you should add the mail address which will appear as sender. Then, the subject of the mail and the content.

# Timer

If you use the Send Email action, you can set up a Custom Timer. This will allow you to send the mail a custom number of days, hours or minutes after the client clicks on the action button. The default status is to send the email immediately.

# Upload your PDF

If you use the Send Email action, you can add a PDF download to the email. Click on the Choose PDF button to upload a PDF for the magnet email. If the magnet already has a PDF assigned, you can change it or remove it.

If you want to assign a PDF already uploaded, click on the From library button. This will display a list with all the PDFs in your library.

Last Updated: 2/5/2020, 6:44:44 PM