# Magnets list

To display the list of all your available magnets, you should click on the Magnets menu element.

Magnets list

The magnets table will display info on several columns: Magnet, Actions, Status, Submissions and Preview. If you hover the mouse over the rightmost column, the Edit, Duplicate and Delete magnet buttons will be displayed. Clicking on Duplicate will open a confirmation message. To create a copy of the magnet, click the OK button.

If you are looking for particular magnets, you can use the Search field above the list. Clicking on View Submissions on the left side, will open the Submissions list.

# Submissions list

Submissions list

This list will display the info collected with the magnets opt-in form, on several columns: Client, Child, Magnet and Generated on. If you click on the small arrow at the left side of a submissions, you will reveal the email and phone contact info.

If you are looking for particular submissions, you can use the Search field at the top or the filters right above the list. You can search by Client or Child name. The Magnet filter allows multiple selections and the Generated on filter allows you to set the Start Date and the End Date for the sumissions. If you want to clear the filters selection, you can use the rightmost button, next to the filters.

Last Updated: 2/5/2020, 6:39:25 PM