# Create & edit a schedule

To create a new schedule, you should click on the Schedules menu element and then on the large New Schedule button. If the schedule is already created, hover the mouse over the name of the schedule in the list and then click on Edit, in the buttons column. This will open the schedule creation / edit screen, with the following options:

New Schedule

# Draft / Published

Use this switcher to set your schedule as a Draft or as Published. After you choose the desired option, the Save as Draft / Save Schedule button on the right will change accordingly.

Draft & Published Schedule

A draft schedule will not be displayed in the frontend, but you can choose to publish it at any time.

# Schedule title

Use this field to type in the name of the schedule. This will be displayed in the frontend schedules list and you can also choose to display it above the schedule. Below the title field, you will see the permalink of the schedule. Please note, the permalink has to be unique. So, you should change it, if you have several schedules with the same name. Once you have a permalink saved, you can click on View Schedule, to preview how the schedule will be displayed.

# Schedule style

Schedule Style

Click on the Choose a style button to select how your schedule will look in the frontend. There are 3 available styles: Plain List, Compact List and Weekly Schedule. Plain List is a visual style and the only one which displays class images directly in the schedule. The starting day of the class is always in the leftmost column, so it is better suited for a schedule without a lot of daily classes. Compact List is a similar style, but with a more compact display, listing all daily classes under the same day box. Weekly Schedule is the recommended solution for studios with many daily classes and a full week schedule. It displays a column for each day of the week, with a clickable box for each class.

Click on Customize appearance to open the visual options of the schedule. There are 3 available tabs: General, Labels and Colors, each with its dedicated options.

Schedule General Tab

The General tab allows you to show or hide various elements in the schedule: the Title of the schedule at the top, the ending time of each class, the classes duration, the details button which opens the class page and the Class Types. If you use the Weekly Schedule style, you can also choose if you want to display days without classes or weekend days.

Schedule Labels Tab

The Labels tab allows you to add your own labels for the 5 filters placeholders: Class Types, Instructors, Age, Day of the week and Time of the day. You can also add here a custom Nothing to show message, when there are no available classes matching the filters selection.

Schedule Colors Tab

The Colors tab allows you to assign custom colors to various schedule elements. You can choose the Text color, the Background color and the Primary color, which will be used for graphical elements like buttons or icons. If you use the Weekly Schedule style, you can also color code each day of the week column.

# Set a date range

Under Set a date range for this schedule, click on the Change button, to open the schedule date range window and choose when the schedule starts and ends.

Schedule Start Date

A schedule can start with the current date, on a specific date or with a fixed number of days in the future. For the specific date option, you will need to use a calendar to choose the date. To start with a number of days in the future, you can use the slider or type in the number of days.

Schedule End Date

A schedule can end on a specific date or after a fixed number of days in the future. For the specific date option, you will need to use a calendar to choose the date. To end after a number of days in the future, you can use the slider or type in the number of days.

If you want to limit the total number of the classes displayed in the schedule, you can activate the Limit classes by number option and then use the slider or type in the number.

# Select classes displayed

Classes Displayed in Schedule

Under Select which classes should be displayed in the schedule, you can use 4 available filters to restrict the classes displayed in the schedule, only to particular Locations, Class Types, Instructors or Students Age. If you don't want to restrict the classes displayed this way, you should set them as All / Any.

# Filters on schedule

Schedule Filters

Under Allow visitors to use the following filters on this schedule, there are 5 available filters you can display in the frontend, for your clients to filter classes in the schedule: Class Types, Instructors, Day of the week, Time of the day or Students Age. Filters can be disabled, set to display All options or a Custom selection. The Students Age filter can only be enabled or disabled.

# Schedule headline

If you want a custom title for your schedule, displayed at the top, you can type it in this field.

# Schedule description

You can type in here a description for the schedule, which will be displayed at the top, right below the title.

# Text customization

If you want to change labels or messages displayed in the Schedule page, you can use the Text customization option. Click on the Change button and then Add New to see a list of strings you can replace. Once you select a string from the list, a text field will be displayed and you will be able to add a new string to replace it. The new value will be displayed in the Schedule text customization list, under the Custom column.

Last Updated: 2/5/2020, 7:23:33 PM