# General

The first tab, General, includes options for an initial set up. The following options are available:

# Account name

Your account name will be already filled in, with your Company name, but you can change it at any time. Click on Change, type in the new name and click on Save to change it.

# Domain

Your domain will be auto-generated, using your Company name, like this: https://companyname.studiosuite.io This will be the URL of your schedules list page. Click on Change, type in the new domain name and click on Save, if you want to change it.

# Date & time format

Settings Date Time

Use this select box to choose between 12 hour or 24 hour time format and between mm/dd or dd/mm date format. Date and time displays will be adjusted according to these settings.

# Currency format

The first select box allows you to choose the currency: US Dollar or Canadian Dollar. The second select box allows you to choose how prices will be displayed: use a comma or a period to separate thousands, display decimals or not.

# Color scheme

Settings Color Scheme

There are 4 general colors you can choose: Brand, Calendar, Text and Background. The brand color is used for various graphical elements: buttons, icons, dates in the schedule. The calendar color is used for various elements in schedules, like filters or date boxes. The text color is used for general text. The background color is used for all pages background. These color settings can be overridden by the individual color settings of the schedule.

Click on the Choose logo button to upload your studio logo. It will be displayed at the top of the pages. At any time, you can Remove the logo or Change it. If you do not have a logo, the Account name will be displayed instead.

# Text customization

If you want to change labels or messages displayed in the frontend, you can use the Text customization option. Click on the Change button and then Add New to see a list of strings you can replace. The strings are split in 5 categories: Schedules list, Schedule page, Class page, Event page and Confirmation. Click on the All button, at the right of the Search field, to choose a category. Once you select a string from the list, a text field will be displayed and you will be able to add a new string to replace it. The new value will be displayed in the Global text customization list, under the Custom column.

Last Updated: 2/6/2020, 3:19:19 PM